Sorefet Rechavot – שורפת רחבות

Last week I taught the dance Sorefet Rechavot by Dudu Barzilai and Tamir Shalev. This dance was taught at the Philadelphia Israeli dance workshop during President’s Day Weekend. Here’s a video of Dudu Barzilai demonstrating the dance:

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Tzlil HaEmek – צליל העמק

Last Tuesday I taught the dance Tzlil HaEmek.  This is a dance from 2007 that was requested a few times later in the evening on Tuesday nights, but I wanted to teach it and bring the dance into our normal repertoire.  Enjoy!

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No Dancing Tonight :-(

Due to the weather – and the likelihood of roads re-freezing tonight – I am canceling dancing for tonight, Tuesday, March 14.

I hope to see everyone next week!

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Dvash Basfataiim -דבש בשפתיים

Last Tuesday, Marnina Cowan taught the new dance Dvash BaSfataiim.  This was one of the dances introduced by Sagi Azran in Philadelphia at the President’s Day Workshop!

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Yesh Sham Bama – יש שם במה

Last night I taught the dance Yesh Sham Bama.  This dance is from 2012 but I did not get a chance to teach it at that time.  It is still being danced world-wide so I felt it was time to teach it on Tuesday nights.  Enjoy!

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Kululu -קולולו

This past week we had another guest teacher – Marnina Cowan, the Director of Kesem!  Marnina taught the dance Kululu by Sagi Azran.  Sagi will be coming to Philadelphia in February for an Israeli Dance workshop, so I thought it would be nice to learn one of his dances.

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Orot Hagvohim – אורות הגבוהים

Katie Hamelburg taught the dance Orot Hagvohim last week.  This dance was introduced by Michael Barzilay at the Hilulim dance camp a few weeks ago.  Enjoy!

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