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Debka Nufar – דבקה נופר

For the past two weeks we had Noah review the dance Debka Nufar. This is a dance from 1994 by Naftali Kadosh. It is a really fun dance that I wanted to bring into the repertoire! Advertisements

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Gaagua Baruach – געגוע ברוח

Last week Chen Shporen visited our group and taught a new dance by Michael Barzilay – Gaagua Baruach. Here’s a video of Michael Barzilay demonstrating his beautiful dance:

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Meohav – מאוהב

This past week I taught a throwback dance – Meohav by Meir Shem Tov from 1997! This dance was played at one of the dance parties at Gvanim and I remembered how much I like the dance, so I brought … Continue reading

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A few weeks ago, I taught the line dance Ego by Hadari Jibli and Hagit Podemski (the same choreographers as Faith). Here is a video of them demonstrating the dance in Tel Aviv!

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Chelek Mehazman – חלק מהזמן

Last Tuesday I taught the dance Chelek Mehazman. This dance is becoming very popular in Israel so I wanted to bring it to the DC area! Here’s a video of the choreographer – Arianne Butel – dancing her dance!

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Dancing On Wednesday, August 2

Since Tuesday, August 1 is Tisha B’Av, we will be dancing on Wednesday night, August 2 this week. We will following the same schedule: 7:00pm – 8:15pm – Intermediate Israeli Dance Instruction (I will be reviewing Katonti and Matzlichim) 8:15pm … Continue reading

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Normali – נורמלי

Last week I taught the new dance by Michael Barzelai – Normali! This is one of the hottest new dances in Israel and has been taught in the other DC sessions…now it is part of the Tuesday night repertoire.

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