Beginners Blog Oct-Dec 2018

I started a beginners group at Ohr Kodesh on October 16, 2018.  Here’s some of the dances I introduced during the beginners group!

Week 5

On week 5, I started by reviewing Hora Or and Balada L’Maayan and then taught Hora Agadati (the first recorded Israeli Dance from 1924!) and then taught Yemenite steps and taught the dance Ma Navu.

Hora Agadati


Ma Navu


Week 4

I started Week 4 by reviewing Tzadik Katamar and Eretz Eretz. I then taught the dances Hora Or and Balada L’Maayan. The beginners now have 10 dances in their repertoire!

Hora Or


Balada L’Maayan


Week 3

I started Week 3 by reviewing Hora Medura and Hora Chadera. I then taught an “open mayim” step and taught the dance Tzadik Katamar. I finished the class by teaching Eretz Eretz.

Tzadik Katamar


Eretz Eretz


Week 2

We started Week 2 by reviewing the four dances from Week 1. I then taught two more dances.

First, I taught Hora Medura. This video show four steps into the center and I taught the dance as three steps and a hop…as long as your right foot is free when you come out of the circle, you will be able to continue the rest of the dance.


I then reviewed turns along the circle – and taught a turn to the left on the circle. After that I taught Hora Chadera.


Week 1

I started by teaching a Mayim – or grapevine – step and taught the dance “Mayim Mayim“.  This video does the dance a little different than how I taught it – when we come out of the circle I taught that we jump up and down four times rather than taking four steps on the circle.


After this, I taught the dance “Hora Nirkoda” where I reviewed how to turn along the circle.


Next, I taught the dance Nigun Atik. This is a more “chassidic” dance style and was the first dance that I introduced that does not have a mayim (grapevine) step.


Finally, I taught a tcherkasiah step which is found in the dance “Od Lo Ahavti Dai“.


I’ll review all of these dances next week before introducing a few more!!!