Beginners Blog Oct-Dec 2017


I started a beginners group at Ohr Kodesh on October 17, 2017.  Here’s some of the dances I introduced during the beginners group!

Other Dances

Between the Beginners class and the Advanced Beginners class I taught a few more dances in the 7pm to 8pm hour….

Kol Nedarai




BePundak Katan


Amalel Shir


Mocher Prachim


Week 10

During Week 10 I reviewed Balada LaMa’ayan and taught Hora HaBika’a

Hora HaBika’a

Week 9

During Week 9 I reviewed Al Kanfe Hakesef and introduced Balada LaMa’ayan

Balada LaMa’ayan

Week 8

During week 8, the dance Al Kanfe Hakesef was taught.

Al Kanfe Hakesef

Week 7

I started week 7 by reviewing Ma Navu and Sapri Tama. I then taught two more line dances – Sigal and Mechol Halahat



Mechol Halahat


Week 6

I started week 6 by reviewing yemenite steps and reviewing At VaAni. I then taught two more dances with Yemenite steps – Ma Navu and Sapri Tama (our first line dance!)

Ma Navu


Sapri Tama


Week 5

I began week 5 by reviewing Sovevuni and Sheleg Al Iri and then taught a Yemenite step. With the Yemenite step I taught the dance At VaAni

At VaAni


Week 4

I began week 4 by reviewing Kuma Echa and Tzadik Katamar. I then taught two dances – Sovevuni (which I had never taught on Tuesday nights before!) and Sheleg Al Iri.



Sheleg Al Iri


Week 3

I started lesson 3 by reviewing Hora Medura, Hora Chadera and Eretz Eretz. I then taught an “open mayim” step and taught the dances Kuma Echa and Tzadik Katamar.

Kuma Echa


Tzadik Katamar


Week 2

I started lesson 2 by reviewing all of the steps and dances from Week 1.  I then introduced two new dances this week!  I started with the dance Eretz Eretz:


I then reviewed turning – both to the right along the circle and the left along the circle – and taught the dance Hora Chadera which has the same type of “chassidic” hand holding as Nigun Atik:


Week 1

I started by teaching a Mayim – or grapevine – step and taught the dance “Mayim Mayim“.  This video does the dance a little different than how I taught it – when we come out of the circle I taught that we jump up and down four times rather than taking four steps on the circle.

After this, I taught the dance “Hora Nirkoda” where I reviewed how to turn along the circle.

Next, I taught a tcherkasiah step which is found in the dance “Od Lo Ahavti Dai“.

After the first three dances that start with a mayim step, I a dance that does not start with a mayim step.  Here is Nigun Atik:

I ended by teaching one more dance – Hora Medura (hora around the campfire):


I’ll review all of these dances next week before introducing a few more!!!