Gangnam Style!!!

I have been teaching Israeli Dancing at various Religious Schools – and this year all of the kids want to hear the song “Gangnam Style” and jump around doing the moves from the video.  It was a great opportunity to create an Israeli Dance!

Two alumni of Yesodot (Tamar Gasko and Racheli Katz – who both frequently come dancing on Tuesday nights at Ohr Kodesh) created a dance to Gangnam Style using many of the moves in Psy’s video.  Here’ a video of me demonstrating the dance with Tamar…enjoy!

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4 Responses to Gangnam Style!!!

  1. susanbwrites says:

    Proud to say, Tamar is my niece!

  2. susanbwrites says:

    Thanks for this, Mike. Nice surprise to see! Sue

  3. Good job Tamar. Rock on Mikey!! Susan, nice to see it runs in the family.

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